There is an implementation gap between the urban planning and design
framework of Eastleigh District Commercial Centre EDCC) with the
development of the centre leading to higher building densities and
deteriorating infrastructural provision rendering both physical and social
infrastructure inadequate to support the high building densities and the
development of EDCC as an integrated secondary commercial center. This
problem was the basis of the aim of my research drawing lessons for
planning and design of EDCC based on compliance of developments to
the planning ordinances. Different samples were studied in physical
infrastructure, social infrastructure and buildings. Samples studied in the
physical infrastructure included road and drainage system, water and
sewerage system, solid waste management. Those of social infrastructure
included business activities in space, education facilities, health facilities,
housing facilities, and markets facilities. Building densities as controlled
by plot ratio, plot coverage and building line where the elements I studied
in building developments. I chose the above samples randomly. From my
filed work analysis, I found out that the 2008 policy plan was not
implemented hence both physical and social infrastructure is not efficient
as envisioned in the policy paper. The building densities surpass the
ordinance densities. This influenced my conclusions that developments in
EDCC do not comply with the planning ordinances. Therefore, I
recommend inclusion of other stakeholders like developers, architects,
planners, urban designers, and private sector to be part of the planning
team and follow the strategic planning process to the latter. The planning
team should also consider developing form based codes to be used in
parallel with zoning ordinances as literature shows there is better
compliance with three dimensional form based codes than two
dimensional zoning ordinances.

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