AD index Raking: Kenya's Top 1000 Scientists

AD Scientific Index (Alper-Doger Scientific Index) has released the Kenya Top 1000 Scientists May 2022 Edition. The AD Scientific Index is a ranking and analysis system based on the scientific performance and the added value of the scientific productivity of individual scientists. Furthermore, it provides rankings of institutions based on the scientific characteristics of affiliated scientists. The Index also places the University of
Nairobi as the leading University in the country under the Kenya Universities category

The ranking takes into account the total and last 5 years’ values of the i10 index, h-index, and citation scores in Google Scholar (the ratio of the last 5 years’ value to the total value of the above-mentioned indexes) Using a total of nine parameters, the “AD Scientific Index” shows the ranking of an individual scientist by subject. The “AD Scientific Index” is the first and only study that shows the total and the last five-year productivity coefficients of scientists based on the h-index and i10 index scores and citations in Google Scholar. Read more

The following scholars from the Faculty of Built Environment and Design appear on the Kenya Top 1000 Scientists list under the Arts, Design and Architecture subject category.  



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Robert A Obudho

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Peter M. Ngau

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