Bachelor of Construction Management


    The Bachelor of Construction Management is a four (4) year full-time degree programme.  It is a multi-faceted discipline derived from the four main areas of knowledge namely management, law, economics and technology. Its concept, principles and practice are applied with judgement to develop ways to utilize resources economically in the construction industry. Graduates of this degree programme will acquire knowledge in principles and practices that focus on the management activities and challenge that organizations face when they undertake construction projects. 

    a) The curriculum covers a minimum of eight (9) semesters and a maximum period of sixteen

    (16) Semesters of fifteen (15) weeks each.

    b) Candidates are expected to take a minimum load of six (6) units and a maximum load of nine (9) units each semester.

    c) The studio units covered are equivalent to two (2) course units in the three years for each semester and four (4) units for the 4th year Second Semester


    Applicants must meet the stipulated minimum University of Nairobi General Admission criteria as provided for under statute XIX.  Applicants with the following qualifications will be eligible for consideration for admission into the degree programme:

    1. KCSE Applicants or Equivalent:  Mean Grade C+ with a minimum of grade C+ in the following subject clusters:  English or Kiswahili; Mathematics; Physics or Biology or Chemistry, or Biological Sciences; Geography or Accounts or Commerce or Economics, or Building Construction or Drawing and Design or Art and Design.
    2. KACE (A Level) Applicants or Equivalent:  Two Principal Passes; a minimum principal ‘D’ pass in either Mathematics or Physics and in any one of the following subjects: Economics, Geography, and Chemistry and a credit pass in the English language at KCE level or equivalent
    3. Diploma Holders: A minimum KCE Division II or mean grade C in KCSE in addition to a credit pass or equivalent of the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) Diploma or its equivalent in:  Building Construction, Architectural Studies, Civil Engineering and Applied Physical Sciences.

    d).        Degree Holders:  A holder of a University degree or its equivalent from a recognized University in the following areas:  Architecture, Engineering, Design, Economics, Commerce, Quantity Surveying, Building Economics, Land Economics, Planning or any other relevant equivalent degree.


    Bachelor of Construction Management



    No. Units

    Semester I

    Semester I




    Kshs      101,500.00

















                 228, 500.00


    Exam Regulations

    Examination regulations for the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Development shall apply as indicated below.


    Examinations are held in line with the common faculty examination regulations approved by the Senate.


    FAD 1       Examinations are held at the end of each semester.  There are two or three semesters in one  academic year.

    FAD 2       Examinations consist of Coursework, Written Papers, Research Projects and Portfolios as appropriate.

    FAD 3       One course unit is equivalent to 45 contact hours or as prescribed in the Senate approved course outline.

    FAD 4       A candidate is admitted for the examination after having satisfactorily attended a minimum of T! of the prescribed contact hours for the course unit and taken Continuous Assessment Tests in the prescribed course units.

    FAD 5       Course units are examined during the semester in which they are taken or other times as shall be recommended by the Faculty Board and approved by Senate. Each course examination consists of a written paper of a minimum duration of 2 hours. 

                       The Written Paper accounts for 70% of the total mark whereas Continuous Assessment Tests account for 30% as approved by the Senate.

    FAD 6       Examinations for all Portfolios and Research Projects are conducted at the end of the academic year, and are treated as follows:

                       (a)  Portfolio Examinations for the first, second, third and fourth years of study for the Bachelor of Arts in Design degree course constitute one (1) course unit each.

                        (b)       All Portfolio Examinations for the first year of the Bachelor of Architecture degree course shall constitute one (1) course unit each.

                       (c) All Portfolio examinations in the second, third, fourth and fifth years of study for the Bachelor of Architecture degree course constitute six (6) course units.

                       (d) Portfolio for the sixth year Bachelor of Architecture degree course shall constitute twelve (12) course units while the Research Project constitutes six (6) course units. 

                       (e)  All Portfolio Examinations for the second, third and fourth years of study for the Bachelor of Arts in Planning and Bachelor of Construction Management constitute four (4) course units.

                       (f)  Research Projects for the fourth year of study for the degrees of Bachelor of Quantity Surveying, Bachelor of Construction Management, and Bachelor of Arts in Land Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Planning are submitted by the last day of written examinations and constitute four (4) course units.

                       (g)  The Research Project for the fourth year of study for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Design is submitted by the first day of written first semester examinations and constitutes two (2) course units.

                       (h) A candidate who does not submit the Research Project by the prescribed date is examined at the next second University Examinations period.

    FAD 7       The Pass Mark for each course unit is 40 percent.

    FAD 8       To proceed to the next year of study, a candidate shall have:

                       (a)  Passed all course units taken for the year of study, or

                       (b) Obtained an aggregate minimum mark of 40 percent and have a cumulative failure in not more than four (4) course units in the current and previous years of study.

    FAD 9       (a)  Examinations for all courses carried forward are taken at the next University Examinations period in which each particular course is being examined.

                       b)         No candidate is allowed to proceed to the final year (fourth year) of the Bachelor of Quantity Surveying, Bachelor of Construction Management, Bachelor of   Arts in Design, Bachelor of Arts in Land Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Planning degree courses unless they have passed all course units in the previous three (3) years of study.

                       (c)  No candidate is allowed to proceed to the final year (sixth year) of the Bachelor of Architecture degree course unless he/she has passed all course units in the previous five (5) years of study.

    FAD 10     Any candidate who:

                       (a)  Obtains an aggregate mark of less than 40 percent in the current year of study and fails in more than four (4) course units but not more than nine (9) course units, or

                       (b) Fails in five (5) to nine (9) course units cumulatively, is allowed to Retake the failed course units during the next University Examinations period before proceeding to the next year of study.  In the case of cumulated course units, the Retakes will only apply to the current year of study.

    FAD 11      A candidate who fails in the Portfolio and/or Research Project in the final year of study may be allowed to Resubmit (R1) the work within three (3) months from the date the examination results are released. In case of a failed resubmission (R1), the candidate may be allowed a Retake (R2) the examination at the next end of year examinations.

                       A candidate who fails in the Retake (R2) may be considered for a Resubmission (R3) examination.

    FAD 12            (a)  A pass obtained in a Resit and or a Resubmitted examination is entered as 40 percent in the student