Design of University Attire and Wares Competition

The University of Nairobi is a prime university offering quality education and training. The University has diverse flagship programs that produce graduates for the development of this nation.

The University has been in existence for the last 50 years and is in the process of branding itself, in order to remain relevant, vibrant and sustainable in the coming decades. As part of the branding, the University is developing unique branding items including the University dress and wares, the quality of attire and wares must reflect the mission, vision and core values of the University.

The University has developed this design brief in response to achieving this goal. The development of brand items is also in line to the Presidential directive that all ministries, departments and agencies promote local textile technology by requiring staff to wear African attire, made out of locally manufactured fabrics on selected days.

The University is thus inviting the students and staff to participate in a design contest.

General Considerations

  1. Creation of a detailed University attire and wares in two categories:
  1. Clothes
  2. Wares
  1. Ensure inclusive and participatory process in selecting the best attire designed by University Community
  2. Encourage use of local textile and fashion to boost the national agenda of Buy Kenya Build Kenya.
  3. Quality design that reflects the University’s world class status

Design Elements of University Attire

  1. University core values
  1. Innovative
  1. Aesthetic
  1. University color among other complementary colors
  1. Functionality
  1. Durable, available locally, sustainable and environment-friend fabric material
  1. Authenticity
  1. Texture
  1. Unity in diversity
  1. Color application techniques to the fabric hence adding value to design
  1. Freedom of thought
  1. Production process

Design Categories

Category 1: Clothing

Category 2: Wares

  1. Formal

Souvenirs such as:

  1. Casual
  • Badges, labels, models, ceramics/porcelain, ties, scarfs etc.
  1. Ceremonial


  • Entries should come in form of sketches, drawings, paintings and images with technical details.

Format of Presentation

  • A 3 Size paper


  • Maximum two entries per person per category.
  • All entries must be clearly marked withname and contact
  • All entries should be submitted on or before 20th December, 2021 by 4.00pm at University Tower, 17 floor, Corporate Affairs Office


Contact:Mr. John Antony Orindi,
Director Corporate Affairs