UoN to support Development of Taita Taveta County's Urban Planning Framework

The University of Nairobi (UoN) has entered a collaborative partnership with the County Government of Taita Taveta County to establish sustainable spatial planning and urban development plans for the county. This collaboration was formalized during a courtesy visit to the Vice Chancellor by a distinguished delegation from Taita Taveta County Government, led by His Excellency Governor Andrew Mwadime, on Friday, February 2, 2024.

The initiative will be spearheaded by the University's Faculty of Built Environment and Design, specifically through the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Together, the University and the County Government will work towards formulating and implementing innovative approaches, strategies, and actions necessary to address the evolving landscape of urbanization, development, and human settlements within Taita Taveta County. The collaborative effort is committed to adhering to the principles of sustainable urban development and addressing climate change challenges.

Governor Mwadime emphasized the significance of involving academic institutions in the formulation of plans and strategies, stating, "It is important to provide the participation of academic institutions in the creation of plans and strategies, and the University of Nairobi is the top institution to partner on this."

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Stephen Kiama, expressed gratitude for the County Government's decision to collaborate with the University of Nairobi, affirming, "As the best university in Kenya and the region, the university has welcomed the collaboration and will be willing to guide and support the county in developing the framework."

Kenyan County Governments are mandated to develop urban planning and development agendas to respond proactively to the opportunities and challenges posed by sustainable urban development. The UoN team is entrusted with the responsibility of guiding and advising the Taita Taveta County Government in establishing a robust urban planning and development framework.

The collaborative agreement between the University of Nairobi and the County of Taita Taveta extends beyond mere planning. It encompasses the development of sustainable spatial planning and urban development plans for the county, emphasizing knowledge-sharing and information dissemination on innovative experiences related to critical development issues. This partnership underscores a commitment to inclusive and sustainable urban development, where knowledge catalyzes transformation.

During the signing ceremony of the Collaborative Agreement, Governor Andrew Mwadime reaffirmed his dedication to fostering inclusive and sustainable urban development, highlighting the role of knowledge as a key driver for transformative change. The collaborative efforts will be steered by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning within the Faculty of the Built Environment and Design.