Sharon Tanui is a Project Manager at Parklane Construction Limited. Her work focusses specially on linking the project consultants and the construction teams during the project execution.

Sharon has experience in management, strategic implementation and company collaboration. She has experience in the management of various building projects, having managed the construction of hospitals, recreational facilities, residential properties and institutions of learning.


Project Summary

Project Summary

Investigating the Management of Construction Wastes in Nairobi County

Research Supervisors

Architect Peter Njeru

Mr. Nick Nzioki

This research project delved into the management of wastes within the construction sites specifically targeting Nairobi County in Kenya. The study is an important drive towards a sustainable construction industry as wastes produced by the sector contribute to the waste stream and affects the environment.

The research design applied was a case study research. The target population were NCA 1, NCA 2 and NCA 3 contractors’ sites with building projects within Nairobi County.

The study recommends employment of proper waste management techniques on construction sites and adoption of best practices from other regions for a sustainable industry.