Muthoka Allan Mativo

Mr. Muthoka graduated with BA, Planning from the department of Urban and regional Planning from the University of Nairobi in the year 2012.

He is a Registered Physical Planners and a certified EIA/EA expert in Kenya.


Project Summary

Project Summary

Managing Urban Traffic Congestion: A Case study of Landhies - Jogoo Road Corridor, Nairobi, Kenya.

Research Supervisors

Prof.  Laban U. Shihembetsa

Dr. Samuel Obiero

The overall objective of the study was to assess how traffic congestion is managed within Nairobi City, a case of a selected corridor-Landhies- Jogoo Roads. In assessing the management of urban traffic congestion within Nairobi City, the specific objectives that guided the research are: examining the nature of traffic congestion along Landhies-Jogoo roads; evaluate existing traffic management strategies and their operationalization; propose effective traffic management policy framework. To achieve the objectives, a mixed-method approach incorporating qualitative and quantitative analysis was employed. In-depth literature reviews were done as well as a collection of primary data through field surveys, observation techniques, photography and administration of questionnaires.

 Key Informant Interviews were administered targeting traffic management policymakers, policy enforcers and transport operators.

The study analysed the findings and concludes by giving a wide range of congestion management policy-oriented proposals, which focus on the characterisation of congestion in its wider context, congestion impacts, traffic management frameworks, institutional framework, and enforcement. These recommendations and implementation points are geared towards addressing the problems facing the Landhies-Jogoo roads as a case study for the larger Nairobi Transit Corridors.

Thus, it is the view of this research that long-term land-use and transport planning objectives and frameworks should be integrated and crafted to promote coordination with congestion management policies and guidelines.