Visual Design Conference 2022

The Department of Art and Design will host the Visual Design Conference on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th February 2021 at the University of Nairobi Towers Room 405.

The conference brings together design students, researchers, employers, professionals, policymakers and stakeholders to reflect on the theme: Evolution of Afrikan Visual Design in the Digital World. Under three broad themes of Virtual Reality, the Future and the Power to Influence. These three broad themes point at a need to anchor Afrikan art and design on our strong cultural repository. As our collective collaboration is critical for the growth of the cultural arts, design, and creative sector in general. 

Attendees will include, and are not limited to:

a) Majority will be undergraduate and graduate students from the Faculty of Built Environment and Design (and the larger University of Nairobi)

b) Authors who submitted abstracts for the conference, mainly from academia and professionals across Africa

c) Design professionals and those who may work in the design/creative/ digital/ built environment industry (Kenya/Nigeria)

d) Invited speakers and government officials in various ministries

d) Vice-Chancellor, Deputy VC, Dean and members of the UoN faculty/ lecturers 


Visual DEsign Conference