September 2023 Graduation

 69th Graduation Ceremony Announcement
Congratulations to the graduating class of September 2023!  The University of Nairobi is pleased to announce its 69th Graduation Ceremony, which will be held on Friday, September 22, 2023.

The ceremony promises to be a memorable occasion, celebrating your hard work, dedication, and exceptional achievements. As we prepare to honor your accomplishments, we kindly request your attention to the following important instructions:

Date: Friday, September 22, 2023
Time: 7:30 AM 
Venue: The University's Graduation Square.

Instructions for Graduands:

 1) Confirm that all marks entered in the SMIS are correct and all required units are complete.

2) All fees should be cleared at least one month before graduation.

3) Convocation fee should be paid before filling an Application for Graduation:

(i) Convocation fee Ksh. 1,000.00

(This payment is compulsory whether one attends the graduation ceremony or not)

(ii) Congregation fee Ksh. 2,500.00

(Paid by those who will attend the graduation physically)

(iii) Hire of graduation gown

PhD - Ksh. 4,000.00

Masters - Ksh. 4,000.00

Post Graduate Diploma - Ksh. 4,000.00

Undergraduate - Ksh. 4,000.00

Diploma - Ksh. 4,000.00


Payments should be made to the following account:


Branch : ABSA Towers

Account Number: 2032770838


4) Graduands who has not satisfied all the requirements for graduation will not be awarded the

corresponding diploma/conferred with the corresponding degree.

5) Once the diploma/degree is awarded/conferred during the graduation ceremony, no changes will be made.

6) Only Graduands who have filed an Application for Graduation by the stipulated time will be included in the graduation list.

All Graduands who have fulfilled the above requirements should complete the following application form on or before Friday 25th August 2023. Application link: