Tharaka Nithi County Spatial Plan Community Visioning Workshops


    Tharaka Nithi County Spatial Plan core planning team together with the project consultants held community visioning workshops on July 2019 across the four sub counties namely;Tharaka North, Tharaka South, Maara and Chuka. Through the exercise the planning team was able to gather vision statements from all the sub-counties and identify priority projects for the community.

    PROJECT OBJECTIVES:  Formulation of a 10 year county spatial plan for Tharaka Nithi County, in accordance to The County Government Act of 2012.

    • To provide a spatial and policy framework for resource utilization, infrastructure and human capital development
    • To develop a base map for the County 
    • To undertake a socio-economic and cultural assessment of the County
    • To undertake an infrastructural and services assessment for the County
    • To develop a synthesis of existing situation and formulate development scenarios
    • To develop spatial and strategic plan proposals for the County


    Principle Instigator
    University of Nairobi and Tharaka Nithi County Government
    Project Status