Nairobi Innovation Week 2023: Fostering Sustainable Development through Innovation and Commercialization

The highly anticipated 7th edition of the Annual Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW 2023) is set to take place from Wednesday, May 17th to Friday, May 19th, 2023, at the Main campus. This year's theme, "Innovation and Commercialization for Sustainable Development," promises to bring together visionaries, entrepreneurs, and innovators from various fields to explore groundbreaking ideas and foster a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

The 7th Innovation Week will feature  enlightening Innovation Summits, renowned experts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders will deliver thought-provoking keynote addresses and engage in panel discussions. The Innovation summit serves as a platform to assess the current state of Kenya's innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, while providing valuable insights and networking opportunities for participants. Innovators, startups, entrepreneurs, and enablers will converge for a day of learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

As part of the event, the Faculty of Built Environment and Design will exhibit four major innovative projects that push the boundaries of creativity and sustainability. Prof. Lilac Osanjo, the Dean of the faculty, will proudly present African attire fabrics and fashion, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and artistic prowess of the continent. Additionally, Immaculate Ann will captivate the audience with a dazzling fashion collection that embodies contemporary design and style.

Furthermore, Steve Otieno will showcase the Wakazi Works Platform, an ingenious digital workplace that connects skilled artisans in Kenya with potential clients. This referral-based platform aims to streamline the process of locating and hiring talented artisans while supporting the local economy. Vincent Mugendi will also be present to unveil the Waste Wise initiative, a smarter approach to waste management that promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness.

The 7th edition of Nairobi Innovation Week promises to be an exceptional gathering of visionaries and change-makers, dedicated to harnessing the power of innovation for sustainable development. With its diverse range of activities, including exhibitions, keynote addresses, and the Innovation Summit, this event provides a unique opportunity to explore groundbreaking ideas, foster collaboration, and drive positive change. By promoting innovation and commercialization, Nairobi Innovation Week is poised to shape Kenya's entrepreneurial landscape and propel the nation towards a prosperous and sustainable future. 

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